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DANSK - D. 02 MAJ - KL 10.00

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How is the icelandic horse ridden forward and down? How do we train in the winter months? And how does Julie Chistiansen use the term forward and down? Last but not least - how do we reach a positive horse who works with its rider and uses its body the right way?

The goal is horses that overall develop in a positive way, meaning that the horse is working with the rider and not against the rider. Cooperative horses are seen in calm head positions and satisfied mouths.

This online clinic works the exact same way as in real life with a lot of videos, pictures and of course you will be able to watch Julie Christiansen and ask questions during and after the lecture. Throughout 3 hours Julie will guide you to make the right training path for you and your horse. The main focus will be forward and down on the icelandic horse and how you as a rider can use the winter months to build a positive and strong horse that is ready for the competing season. Julie will, among other subjects, discuss how to avoid injuries, train your horse to make it strong, and how to plan the training of your horse.

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DANSK - D. 02 MAJ - KL 10.00
DANSK - D. 02 MAJ - KL 10.00
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