Do you want private lessons with Julie Christiansen?

It is now possibel to book private lessons (40 min)  with Julie Christiansen. The Lessons are Live and Online. You need a sweet helper to film with a IPhone or Ipad. Book the time and pay over this calender (link below). On the day - open the app Ridesum and push "starta pass" and choose "Ljud og Bild or open the app Pixem and puch "online teaching" and search for JulieJCP. 

Then you are ready for the lesson. Many choose to have an extra phone on the body with a headset - so the sound is better. 

It works perfectly and many students already use this possibility - from all over the world. First time you will learn all the tecnik and after that it is easy:) 

Remember to download the app - Ridesum .Search after "Julie" under trainer - and in Ridesum you have to prebook the same time as you already booked in the calendar. In Pixem ap - you just open on the day and start the online traning.