Clinic 4 - On Demand

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Now you can se Clinic 4 "ON-DEMAND". Would you like to see the very populare Clinic 4 - but it never fit into your time - now you have the posibily with on-demand.

You can see the Clinic whenever it fits you - you just order and you are ready. You can also order different discount deals.

Clinic 4: It is a 3 hour session - who is comming after Clinic 1 and 3. Clinic 1 is why - where do we start og what do we need to get control over before we start op working more with the horse - young and old. Clinic 3 is how...what exercises and why. Clinic 4 is Competition. How do we build up af good competition Horse and how do we work on getting better as competition rider. Where schould our focus be before, under and after the competition. And what about the Guidelines and the Judges

At this clinic Julie chistiansen will elaborate how you combine the work from clinic 1 and 3 to get ready for competitions.

Julie will be pointing out the important focus points you have to take into consideration even before the competition(s). The clinic will be focusing on both the mental and physical conditions for both the rider and horse. How do you plan your competitions in the best possible way to make the curve of performance ideal?

The clinic will take a look at the judges’ guidelines, and how they are used, seen from the judges as well as the riders point of view. What guidelines are important for you as a rider to keep in mind during the daily training?

Julie Christiansen will tell how it is to ride competitions. How do you train your program? How do you warm up your horse? Etc. She will also be enlightening you in the finals that eventually will be reality for you and your horse.

Last but not least Julie will guide you to important points for you to focus on right after a competition. This is for the rider who want to be a better Competition rider and to be competing together with the horse. 

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