Clinic 2 - Live

In this clinic Julie Chistiansen will discuss all the accessories, such as feeding, equipment and other factors that play a big role in the everyday training of the horse, no matter if it is a pleasure horse or competition horse. What does the rider need to keep an eye on? What is important and what is less important in the training path of a horse? The clinic will among other subjects concern the following:

  • Feeding: Julie will explain what she feeds her horses with - and how you keep your horse in balance so it maintains the right amount of energy without getting too thin or too fat. The clinic will also discuss how to prevent injuries and gain more concentration with the right feeding. At last Julie will discuss what amount of supplementary feed is necessary.
  • Shoeing: How do you or your ferrier shoe your horse the right way in different times of the year, but also in different levels of education and different ages? How do you or your ferrier shoe your horse to prevent injuries and how do you shoe different horses the right way in and out of the competition season?
  • The shape of the horse and breaks: How do you plan the competition season already in the winter time? How many breaks does your horse need? How long breaks does your horse need? Does your horse even need a break, and what happens to the shape of your horse during a break?
  • Saddle: How do you find the right saddle that fits both you and your horse? Why does your saddle not fit your horse even though it should, because your saddle is made for your horse? What is important for both horse and rider when you search for, or buy your new saddle? 
  • Longe and alternative training: What training can you use as an alternative to riding? Is longing good for you and your horse? What types of horses fits different kinds of alternative training?
  • Bits: What bit should you choose to make your horse calm in its mouth?  What bit fits a strong vs a mild horse? What is important for you to focus on, when you choose a bit for your horse?

Julie Christiansen has been working with horses as a professional for over 20 years. She has been riding many horses - young as well as well educated. Over the past years Julie has been developing saddles, horse feeding and has been helping as a consultant multiple times. This is your chance to get advice from Julie's great experience - she will with great pleasure answer questions from you if you should have any during or after the clinic.

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DEUTSCH - D. 12 Maj Kl. 18.00
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