Brá frá Kvíarhóli

Top talented mare for Sport and Breeding

Brà is a 8 year old mare with the best pedigree for sport and breeding.

Mom is 1 class with many 9 and over 7.80 T.1/7.70 V.1. Father is 1 price with a lot of 9 and over 8.0 in T.1.
Both parents have 9 for Tölt and Shape under the Rider

Brá frá Kvíarhóli is 4 gaitet with very good gaits. Always high movements and nice look. She has a lot of potential for T.1 and V.1. She is good educated and will be ready for this season.

She has the best mind, good power, very easy to handle.

PM for more info and video🌟

Denne vare kan ikke købes i øjeblikket